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Criminal Case PowerPoin

  • You are expected to create a PowerPoint presentation covering a felony criminal case that resulted in a conviction.
  • You can select any felony case from any state or the federal government.
  • The requirements for the assignment are:
    • Fifteen (15) slide minimum
    • Title of case
    • Court of original jurisdiction
    • Provide information about the:
      • Trial judge
      • Prosecutor
      • Defense Attorney
      • Defendant
      • Victim(s)
      • Witnesses
    • What were the original charges filed against the defendant?
    • Did the case go to trial or was the conviction obtained by a plea bargain?
      • Explain the plea bargain process for this case if applicable.
      • Explain the trial process for this case if applicable (jury selection, any other interesting aspects of the trial?)
    • What was the defendant officially convicted of?
    • What was the sentence imposed?   Explain your thoughts about the sentence.  Was it a fair sentence?
    • Was there an appeal filed?
    • What were the reasons for the appeal?
    • What was the outcome of the appeal?
    • No special effects.
    • Must include audio in your presentation on each slide.  See below:
    • Must use “insert” tab and include audio in your presentation.  Audio should be recordings of you discussing each slide.  You will need to save the audio on each slide.
    • Please review your PowerPoint Presentation in presentation mode before submitting to guarantee that the audio has recorded and plays back.