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Create a marketing plan for a new Credit Card product you will introduce in your Community/Country.

rCreate a marketing plan for a new Credit Card product you will introduce in your Community/Country.

Your plan should include a brief description of the market or such an offer, your target market profile and details of your marketing mix. This assignment provides us with the opportunity to use our knowledge, understanding and creative competency to great advantage. Feel free to indulge yourself and create an exciting plan. Note the outline to be utilized in the table below.
We will build our Marketing Plan incrementally, with a section each week based on the completion of the relevant course material. Total limit for assignment should be no more than 15- 20 pages. Your plan should include references from at least twelve (12) sources, which should be clearly identified in the body of the report and in your reference list in accordance with the APA 7th edition referencing style. It is important to note that at least seven (7) scholarly peer-reviewed journal sources should be included
Marketing Plan Outline – Categories Includes-the following:
1-Company/Industry Overview
a. Profile/History – Brief description of the company
b. SBU’s – Strategic Business Units
c. Mission & Vision – Mission & Vision statements
d. SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, etc.
e. Goals and Objectives  – Resources to achieve goals?
2-Market Analysis/Environmental Audit
a. Environmental Audit – 6 Factors Identified
b. Product Life Cycle Identified  – Where is your product/service in the Product Life Cycle?
3-Competitive Analysis-Identify:
a. Competition-Direct/Indirect – Who/where are the competitors?
b. Market Share Breakdown – What/who is the market?
c. Competitive Advantage – What is your advantage?
d. Product Positioning – Perception of product by consumer
e. Industry Analysis – Describe the industry
4-Consumer Analysis/Profile
a. Market Segmentation – How did you segment this market?
b. Consumer Demographics – Age, education, gender, income?
c. Target Audiences – What is the target market?
d. Market Research – What type of research to do?
5-Strategy-Ansoff’s Matrix – WHat strategy will you use and why?
6-Market Mix Analysis-5 P’s : How does your product or service fit into the Market Mix? Did you explain each?
a. Product
b. Place
c. Price
d. Promotion
e. People/Customer Service

7. Recommendations
8. Conclusion