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The report must be NO MORE THAN 500 words. This is a hard limit. Going over will result in grade deduction. Get right to the point. This is not a research paper that requires and introduction and conclusion. Learn to write succinctly rather than to embellish. Answer the following questions:
1. What video(s) did you watch? Identify the numbered video selection that you observed from the above list.  Note that some numbered selections have two videos required.
2. What did you learn about the procedures in the legal system from viewing this video? – There is a low word count limit so get right to the point. Do not spend introductory paragraphs on the importance of the legal system or the facts of the case that you viewed or what the witness testimony included. I am expecting to read; “I saw the following procedure(s)…” As a result, I learned …” This is not a report on the facts of the case involved.
Note: You are NOT being asked to factually report what happened in the videos. You ARE being asked to recognize and describe what you learned from watching the videos. Do NOT summarize the substance of witness testimony or lawyers’ arguments. Rather explain what you learned about the legal system from the process of the witness testimony or the lawyer’s arguments. This assignment is NOT about your understanding of the facts of any case but about your understanding of the process of eliciting the facts and applying the law to get to a conclusion.
3. Was “Justice” being served by this process? Why or why not? You will not have seen a case through to conclusion, so you are considering whether the process that you saw, was contributing to serve justice. Do not answer that you can’t tell if justice was served because you didn’t see the conclusion of the case. During the time you viewed the case, was the procedure that was employed a system that is or is not likely serving the need for a just dispute resolution? There will be a point deduction for saying that you can’t tell because you didn’t see the conclusion of the case.
Note: Many students forget to address this question and suffer a loss of points on this assignment.