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Course Reflection

Please write a 200- word response to this discussion


Course Reflection

I believe that I have met most of the goals in this course. The first objective is to apply a knowledge base

of the community health nursing and health teaching skills with an educational project with the intent of

illness prevention and health maintenance and promotion. I have met this goal throughout the program. By working on this assignment throughout this course, I have been able to identify several areas of improvement needed within the county I live in. By analyzing the community assessment determined the several areas needed and areas needed for health promotion. The second objective was to demonstrate the information and data of the population affected. I was able to meet this objective in this course because I was able to determine the health population I had chosen for my project and analyze the data for the people affected. By doing this I researched information as well as discussed this population with others through interviews and collaboration. The third objective was to analyze and coordinate a plan on how to help the community. I believe I have also met this objective by evaluating the needs, and by choosing my topic of choice I was able to set up an education plan. Objective four was to create an education plan that can be utilized by public and community health nurses to improve the well-being of the public. I also feel that I have achieved this goal with the education project by directing this area of need towards a public health concern and by preparing an infographic that was made to educated the community health providers with valued information on the public health concern I choose. The fifth objective for this course is to implement the education project for the selected audience. I believe that objective was partially achieved, I had a hard time finding a place to do my teaching project, I struggled on finding an organization that was willing to allow me to teach my project at their facility. Objective six was to collaborate with partners to educate and improve public knowledge. I believe that this objective was also partially met. I was able to collaborate and get some information and knowledge from others, but I was unable to get access to such information or data from the individuals who work with the area of the public I had chosen. The seventh and final objective of this course was to record evidence of the phases of completion of this project. This objective was partially met by me, as well, due to the struggle I had with finding an entity to conduct my education project at.

I have enjoyed learning in this class and the knowledge I have gained about community health and the work of the community health nurse. It has broadened my outlook on this aspect of nursing. Although, I feel somewhat defeated by my inability of finding a way of presenting my education project. I do believe that my status of being a travel nurse did cause a hindrance of not knowing the contacts of the community I live and/or work in. I have tried contacting individuals via phone and email in hopes to be able to present my presentation, unfortunately, was unable to get approval. Which, unfortunately, made me incompetent to accomplish all of the aspects of this course.

Please write a 200-word response to this discussion

I think it’s always interesting to self-reflect after completed a course. I always realize how much I know and how much my experience helps with assignments and discussions. In the syllabus, there are several different components that we should have learned during this course. I have experience as a home health nurse so I understand how important it is to have health care workers in the community. There are people who need assistance for daily activities or management of disease or just education on prevention. I was able to use my personal experience as a home health nurse as well as my experience as a Telemetry or Med Surg to create my community health educational project. I picked a topic that I have experience with and know that it is a significant health problem in our communities.

At first, I thought that this project would be very difficult and hard to put together, but as the weeks went on, I learned more and more that I have the knowledge I needed, I just had to put it in a way that was simple and educational to others. Analyzing and assessing the community was one of the hard parts. When creating an educational community project, you need the participation of that community or population group. The materials that you put together should be done to appeal to your target group. I think that I developed a variety of different learning materials that would be helpful to different age groups and populations. One of the syllabi was to create an educational project that can be utilized by public and community health nurses to improve health status and health disparities of individuals, families, communities and populations. I think that my project can be used to further improve the community. My topic was diabetes and it is something that I deal with at work daily. My family is also at risk for diabetes so this project was meaningful to me. I have enjoyed having discussions with you all. Good luck with the rest of your nursing careers!