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Constitutional Law Assignment Questions.

Answer questions: No citations, no sources. Just answer the questions to your best ability using google.

 Use MLA format.

 1. Explain what factors are important in determining whether a person is considered “arrested”.
2. Identify the difference between a stop and an arrest.
3. Why might states authorize probable cause arrests for certain unwitnessed misdemeanors?
4. How much force can be used by an officer when excecuting an arrest? How is the determined?
5. When determining whether a stop or an arrest is lawful, how is the term reasonable determined? And do the subjects subjective feelings enter the analysis of determining reasonableness?
6. How does the entertainment industry portray arrest situations? Do you think this portrayal is generally realistic?
7. Do you know anyone who has been arrested? If so what did they say about it?
8. Should anyone be immune from arrest, for example, foreign diplomats?
9. Should police officers who are doing their best to enforce the law ever be punished in anyway if they are acting in       “good faith”?
10. Under what circumstances is someone other than a law enforcement official authorized to make an arrest?