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Constitutional Law Assignment Questions.

Answer questions: No citations, no sources. Just answer the questions to your best ability using google.

 Use MLA format.

 1. Why should government be limited on how and when it asks questions?
2. What’s your criteria must be met for the Miranda warning to be necessary?
3. Does the Miranda decision impede police work?
4. Would a different result occur, given exactly the same circumstances of an interrogation, for what a private security officer could do as opposed to what a city police officer must do?
5. Why shouldn’t I stop require the Miranda warning?
6. Referencing justice all Oliver Wendell Holmes’s proposition that it is better that some criminals escape rather than have the government involved in playing an ignoble part, what logic can you see in releasing a suspect who has confessed to a crime under circumstances that prohibit use of that admission, when the police know that person committed the crime? Where is the fairness here?
7. What do you think motivates informants, enter their information becomes that are reliable?
8. Why would it be wise for an officer to read the Miranda rights for my card?
9. Why my trickery, innuendo, or even falsehoods asserted by police during questioning not be fifth amendment violations?
10. Considering the USA PATRIOT Act, do you think Americans could ever sacrifice too many rights in exchange for national security?