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Constitutional Law Assignment Questions.

Answer questions: No citations, no sources. Just answer the questions to your best ability using google.

 Use MLA format.

 1. What are the two tests for determining whether or not a search has occurred?
2. What scenarios work best with the”Reasonable expectation of privacy” doctrine? How about the”physical intrusion” test?
3. Provider on definition of reasonable.
4. Discuss the vantages to obtaining a warrant.
5. Why are searches of homes different from surges of motor vehicles?
6. Give your own definition of reasonable expectation of privacy.
7. Do you think the US Supreme Court has been supportive of law-enforcement through it’s ruling in cases involving the fourth amendment?
8. Draft a scenario in which an innocent, routine interaction between a citizen in a public place and the police could result and continuing escalation through reasonable suspicion to probable cause, and what the results to each party would be.
9. Is the executionary rule effective in limiting potential abuse of the fourth amendment by police when searching? Could another means be more effective?
10. How do you think the fourth amendment will be held to apply to email and other data transmitted over the Internet?