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The research is for “Quality Improvement tools and techniques” course.

Title: Quality Improvement using Lean Management in Talent Development processes.
Such as in:
– hiring Waiting time (how to reduce it)
Recruitment processes
– Talent development processes (creating individual development plans for each employee)
References: Minimum 5 sources from Proquest (USE FILTER: Scholarly journals, full text, article documents type, last 5 years, English).
Attached 3 articles (from Proquest) to be used as a reference, among others.
Research Structure:
1- Introduction: purpose / aim / address the issue / outline the scope of the report.
2- Literature Review: latest trends on topic / based on previous researchers and identify previous research ideas/background analysis to find gaps to be able to continue /  3 sentences with citations/problem issue to support
3- Data Methodology:  Use a quantitative approach explain it and why to use this approach/methods to gather data / how the quantitative approach is relevant to the topic.
4- Findings, analysis, and discussion: Identify key findings, analyze and interpret the results and explain their significance. Suggest explanations for your findings and outline issues that may have influenced the results.
Provide the outcome of the research and discuss its relevance to the latest trends. What is the issue, analyze and get results.
Implement tools and explain how tools are related and how to implement them. (Use the tool to improve the problem)
4- Recommendations: what needs to be done and why. Propose ways to improve outcomes.
5- conclusion
No need to write an executive summary!
Most of the writing needs to be focusing on the Discussion and Recommendations section.
*Use the attached Research template*
Detailed Rubric Attached.