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consequences of deviant behavior

For this assignment you will pick a topic (any topic considered deviant). You have learned that all societies practice social control (the regulation and enforcement of norms) and there are consequences of deviant behavior, both socially and individually. This can include both positive and negative consequences. For this assignment you will evaluate whether your chosen behavior harms others, how those who are labeled deviant are treated by others, and if there are any wider social impacts of the behavior. Your answer must be 3 pages in length. Also, your assignment must be in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, and have 1-inch margins.

STEP 1 (5 points): Pick a topic that is considered deviant and describe it.

STEP 2 (8 points): Describe whether the deviant behavior harms others. If the behavior does harm others, be clear who is harmed by the behavior and how.

STEP 3 (12 points): Describe how those who participate in the chosen behavior are labeled as deviant and are treated by others. Include both positive and negative individual consequences of the label. Consider whether there are certain social situations that the behavior may not be considered deviant. Describe the situation(s). Also, have there been changes in the reactions to the deviant behavior overtime? If so, describe.

STEP 4 (10 points): Are there any wider social impacts of the behavior? What are the impacts? Examples and/or information from the readings should be used to help support your argument.

STEP 5 (5 points): Double check your work (e.g., formatting, grammar).