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Comparing Two Different Media Sources
For this assignment, you will select option 1 or option 2. You do not need to
do both.
Option 1: Short Film: Coward & Unit Novel: The Wars Comparison
 Compare the elements of the novel, The Wars by Timothy Findley to the
short film Coward:
When comparing the two different sources, you want to keep in mind:
 What images or elements do you find similar or different between the
two works?
 How do these different elements help you to better understand the
conditions of war?
 Does seeing the events of war on video change how you perceive
what soldier’s went through, as opposed to simply reading about the
 What are some strategies and techniques that the video can utilize to
impact the reader, that the novel cannot, and vice versa?
Option 2: Graphic Novel: Charley’s War & Propaganda Posters Comparison
 Compare the graphic novel Charley’s War and the propaganda
posters that were used in Canada during World War One, which can
be found in an attached document.
When composing your response, you want to include:
 A definition and discussion of the political ideology of “patriotism” and
whether you believe it is a positive or negative construct for a country.
 What are the ideals that are being presented in the propaganda
 Are those same ideals being shown in the graphic novel, which was
written roughly 60 years after WWI and not long after WWII.