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You are an officer in your local department.  The Chief has called a meeting with you. In this meeting, the Chief expresses her desire to start doing more community policing in your jurisdiction. During the meeting she expresses her hesitations and concerns about this type of program, especially in light of police–community relations. She has asked for your thoughts and knowledge about community policing and would like for you to choose a program that best fits the department.

  • What are the main success and failures of community policing programs?  (Provide some history on community policing)
  • What concerns and issues would you make the Chief aware of when implementing your community policing program? (Is it youth related, senior citizen related, one day event, staffing, etc…)
  • How would you advise the Chief when asked about why you chose this program (the benefits) vs. another one?
  • What types of community input would you seek before launching the new program?  Would you seek any?
  • What measures would you put in place to monitor the success or failures of the program?

This section should also include 3 goals you will achieve through this project.