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Communicating the Findings

This presentation is about selecting a priority instructional improvement target, researching an intervention that will help a school meet that target, and determining budget and resource needs.

In this assignment-  communicate your findings to school faculty members and solicit their input. You may present to the entire faculty or a small group (minimum 3) of faculty. As part of the communication, you will describe your task, summarize your findings, solicit input on the findings from the faculty, and describe the input you receive.

  • Follow the steps to create a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including the title and references slides) for your response.
    • Use APA format for the references slide and in-text citations.


Step 1. Create a title slide for your presentation that includes:

  • Presentation title
  • Your name
  • Course number and title
  • Date

Step 2. Develop (a minimum of) one slide for each the following:

  • Overview
  • Instructional improvement target and data support
  • Research-based intervention and source of intervention
  • Current budget/resources and needs for achieving the instructional improvement target
  • Request for input on the target, intervention, and budget/resources from faculty
  • Summary of faculty input
    • NOTE: Add this slide after sharing the presentation.
  • References slide in APA format

Step 3. Share the PowerPoint in either a face-to-face setting or by email (or other digital means).

Step 4. Collect input from faculty on the findings presented in the PowerPoint (face-to-face or email/digital), and summarize the input in a final PowerPoint slide.