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All the instructions you will need to complete the paper is the file named “Equity Analysis part B.” For the stock that was assigned to me, it is Dell Technologies (Ticker symbol: DELL). Also for the resources, there is a video that for some reason I cannot upload, but I can send that video where you can find all the resources you will need in an email. Sources MUST be cited correctly or the paper will be found as plagiarized through the software system I must submit it via “Turnitin.” My professor is extremely strict about plagiarism so if the paper is copied and pasted or found as plagiarized, it will be graded as a zero. With that being said I will be carefully looking over the paper as well to help make sure there is no plagiarism. I need someone who is very experienced in this field and has done these types of projects before. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, during the process of doing this paper, I do respond fast.

Thank you!