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Results and Discussion
Results section: Here you will report the hypothetical findings of your study, and it is advised that you look back to prior findings from your literature review to project what your own results might look like. What statistical tests or data analysis technique would be required based on your plans in the methodology section? You will want to clearly report that here and perhaps include a table or graph representing your hypothetical findings. Individual results will vary based on your own research design and research question.
  • What statistical test or data analysis technique would be most appropriate for your hypothetical data? Explain why this makes sense using concepts from current/previous courses.
  • Include a table/chart/graph that either summarizes previous research findings or some hypothetical data. Make sure this follows APA formatting.
  • Report differences/no difference between conditions/variables.
Discussion section: Based on the totality of your research process, address the following questions in your discussion section:
  • What were your most central and compelling findings? This should be based on evidence from previous assignment sources.
  • What have we learned about the variables you researched (e.g., limitations, challenges) as a result of this process? This should focus on the way research has been done.
  • What are your recommendations for future research on the topic area you selected? This should be directed at researchers and the variables they should examine. This should address overall findings, how the results connect to previous research (is there a pattern of results), and what still needs to be tested (gaps in the literature). There is always further research to be done. What could be done better next time around?
Remember that proper APA formatting, citations, and references are necessary within your results and discussion sections.