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Essay 3 (Contemporary Content Essay) Due 3/30
This essay will challenge your ability to draw through lines analyzing a particular moment in history. This moment could be historical, political, cultural, or social—the choice is yours. You will choose at least 2 “texts” to help illuminate your thesis statement about this moment in history. Remember: a “text” can be any piece of media (e.g. literature, music, cinema, art, videogame, comic book/graphic novel, etc.). The “texts” you choose should be pieces of media that you are familiar with (this way you should save some time), but you may need to re-read, re-listen, re-view, etc. in order to get a better understanding of what you are discussing/analyzing. Also, the aim isn’t to discuss the entirety of a novel or a film here. You may only need to focus on certain elements, but you are free to focus on as much as you’d like.
You can either start by choosing the moment you want to highlight and then looking for “texts” or vice versa. Either way, you will need a thesis statement that says something about that moment and how you will interpret it with your “texts.” Some background information on the moment will be necessary but you should not spend an inordinate amount of time summarizing. Your focus should instead be on how you use your “texts” to dissect this moment. If you choose 2 “texts,” be sure to focus on them equally. Anything beyond 2 can be used to supplement your stronger “texts.” The aim, goal, and flow of this essay are up to you to construct and oversee. You are not making a defacto statement about an era. Rather you are simply using artforms to draw parallels to real world events.
Your essay will be comprised of 3 double-spaced, 12-point font pages with no title page necessary. Keep fonts simple and use either ‘Garamond’ (my favorite) or ‘Times New Roman,’ if you please. As always, we will have ample class time to work on your essay, but continued work on your own time will be a must. Keep me in the loop and please let me know if complications arise!