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  1. People make cities vibrant
  2. Cities are dangerous and dirty. Explain why.
  3.  and diverse. Explain why.
  4. Pedestrians are the lifeblood of a city. Explain why.
  5. Physical design has changed in most cities becasue of terrorist activities. Explain how and why.

  6. The abuse of power has historically contributed to racist policies in American cities. Explain how and why.
  7. Some international cities are better planned than American cities. Explain how and why.
  8. Crowds are annoying! Explain why.

  9. The social dimension of architecture and urban planning make cities unique. Explain why.
  10. Automobiles divide cities and make forming strong communities more difficult. Explain why.

  11. People value privacy. Explain how and why.
  12. Every city needs more greenspace. Explain how and why.

  13. Machines will displace people in the future city. Explain how and why.

  14. LGBTQ+ neighborhoods are outdated. Explain how and why.