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Discussion Question (DQ) #4

Servant Leadership in a movie, book, or drama film you have enjoyed.
Based on our readings from Lead Like Jesus (Blanchard, Hodges, & Hendry, 2016), Jesus on Leadership (Wilkes, 1998) and thus far in the lectures of LDRS 300;
A Servant Leader models Jesus by having the following leadership traits:
1. Is a Follower First. (Wilkes, 1998)
2. Takes Risks. (Wilkes, 1998)
3. Shares Responsibility and Authority. (Wilkes, 1998)
4. Practices the Being Habits or Doing Habits. (Blanchard, Hodges, & Hendry, 2016)
5. Embodies the Vision, Mission, and Values of the group. (Blanchard, Hodges, & Hendry, 2016)
6. Is a Performance Coach. (Blanchard, Hodges, & Hendry, 2016)
7. Leads Positive Change. (Blanchard, Hodges, & Hendry, 2016)
I want you to choose a character from a MOVIE, BOOK or DRAMA and discuss the following two questions:
How did the character display TWO (2) traits of a Servant Leader like Jesus from the list above?
• Give 2 examples from the movie, book or drama to support your position.
How would you describe the EGO of this character in terms of the two ways EGO is discussed in this class? (Edging God Out Verses Exalting God Only)
• Give at least 2 examples from the movie, book or drama to support your position.
General Guidelines for Discussion Forums:
• Each post is about 500 words in length, using full sentences and paragraphs.
• (5% penalty for every 25 words over or under 500 words)
• Each post must incorporate at least three (3) citations + a Reference list.
• All posts are clearly written and contain NO spelling or grammatical errors. Use APA Citations for all your sources and include an APA References list. (No Title Page or other APA formatting is required)
• You are expected to use the following sources we have used in LDRS 300 class as references. Use of sources not from LDRS 300 is permitted only as a secondary source to validate your point made from an LDRS 300 source.
• The textbooks used in this LDRS 300 classes.
• Lectures from LDRS 300.
• Assigned Readings in Moodle for LDRS 300.
• The Bible.
Outline for writing thoughtful posts: Grading
State your idea (that is, your solution, problem, or concept) in a single sentence or two.
Elaborate on your idea in your own words. Explain it at greater length extending your basic idea into a short paragraph. If the idea is quite complex or abstract use a metaphor, analogy, or word picture to help illustrate your understanding.
Exemplify your idea by giving concrete examples (and counterexamples). Your examples may be personal and/or take the form of supporting citations (and counter citations). Use Academic Argument with evidence of critical thinking using: They said – I say format.
Spelling, Grammar and Use of APA format. Two (3) citations + Reference list.
/ 10