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Character assignment

Paper should be informative, colorful, and nuanced, and the writing should include simple words vs. complicated (especially if used out of context). This assignment requires the integration of directly quoted Bible verse directly with the selected marketing management topic. Be sure this applies specifically to marketing management, not management or business in general.
Aristotle defined character as “the decisions a person makes when the choice is not obvious.”
Another well-known definition of character is the way people act when no one is looking. Firms
that have “character” tend to perform better over time.
1. Find at least 1 Scripture verse that is related to character and to a firm that has character.
your Scripture verse within the context of marketing management.
2. Relate this to a specific for-profit brand or business organization of your choosing.
3. Paper must be as a Microsoft Word document.
Discuss how Christian faith impacts marketing management decisions in the selected
organization, including how faith was the source of its marketing management decisions, and
how many company founders have demonstrated such faith.