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You will begin your Capstone paper this week. For this project you will research and analyze and prepare an organizational change leadership capstone. The goal of this assignment is to help you complete the first section of your Organizational Change Leadership Assessment. For this Capstone Milestone assignment, you have a choice: identify an issue in your department or in the City of Detroit . The identified issues can be a change case, situation, leadership challenge or a problem that directly impacts you.

Submit a one to two-page introduction to your chosen organization. Please include the following:

Organization name and brief background about them
Describe the issue that you will be focusing your assessment on.
Provide an explanation on what factors led you to choose this issue
This assignment is submitted in APA format and should include a title page and all cited sources in a reference page at the end of your paper.


I want my topic to be the City of Detroit Parking enforcment


the issue i want to focus on is technolygy and when to relax enforcement. Should it be zero tolerance. FIne assement, should there be half off days?


The factors that lead to me picking this friends who got parking tickets with excessive fines.