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  • First, Watch the documentary, “Century of the Self” available on YouTube. While watching it, think about the role that advertising has played in your life and how you conduct yourself as you move through it. For instance, there are advertising jingles and slogans that have stuck with me for 40+ years that still influence what I consume today (“Where’s the Beef!”).
  • Now, drawing upon information from the film and examples from your own experience, discuss how advertising has helped or hindered you in developing your sense of self.
  •  Since, I can not write it from my own POV and/or personal experience. Please just use your own thoughts and/or opinions based on what you watched in this doctumentary to use instead, and just make sure you hit every last question my professor wants you to answer specifically.
  •  Of course, I will need at least 1000 words, information organzied into 10 paragraphs, and the only source you can use is from the documentary only, thank you.