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CCI Essay( Non Essay)

Taking up a topic or theoretical concept discussed in class, explore how the idea(s) might be explored in a different way. How this is done is limitless so please feel encouraged to think and act ‘big’. The key to this activity is to think ‘otherwise’, to enable you to challenge usual ways of thinking about something. What is essential, however, is how you explore and explain the relationship between your non-essay and the concept/idea.


There are two parts to this assignment:

1.     The non-essay itself. This can be anything except a ‘traditional’ essay form. (70 points)

2.     A reflection piece that discusses what your non-essay is doing, what you think worked and didn’t work, how your ideas changed, and so on. This is an important component and shouldn’t just be a type of ‘I think…’ approach. You should aim to show an engagement with the issues and ideas underpinning the course. The paper must include a ‘works cited’ section which includes at least two non-internet (e.g. book, chapter, article) items. Length = 3-4 pages (130 points)


Due: Non-essay and critical reflection Week 7 March 7th for comments/March 14th without comments via Turnitin in Canvas