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Business Plan
The business is an APP not only help people find interesting teammates to play games together, but also provides fun social opportunities that offer everyone a chance to meet new friends, grow intimacy and relationship, People could find and play with engaging gamers, or professionals to sharpen their skills, or to achieve a higher rank in games, games such as League of Legends, Naraka, PUBG, and different Steam games.
Based on the business and the PowerPoints, write a business plan that includes:
Executive Summary,
Business Description,
Situation analysis,
Industry Analysis,
Competitor Analysis,
Market Analysis including Target Markets and Segments
Marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics (4Ps).
CLOs being assessed: Following learning outcomes will be assessed through Mid-Term Written Business Plan:
You will build a business plan as follows:
1. That can hold up to expert scrutiny
2. That you will present persuasively, including responding to challenges
3. The plan will reflect substantial research and rigorous thinking
4. You will develop your business concept and Capstone plans as if you were fully intending to launch it and to seek funding
Work-ready deliverables: Effective written communication for target audience, Critical and disruptive thinking, Application of knowledge in practice.