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For this module’s SLP assignment, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that is similar in content to what an entrepreneur would present to a group of potential investors. You will cover only one area of your Business Plan that the potential investors have concerns about: a strategic financing plan.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes as if you were giving the presentation to an audience of potential investors. Be sure to review the background material, especially the material on strategy and financing.

Your presentation will include slides that cover your response to the investors’ question: Describe the strategic analysis of your proposed business venture and answer the question of what type and amount of financing you seek.

Your presentation should be at least six slides (not counting title and reference slides) using at least two high quality peer-reviewed references from the background material and outside references as needed. Your presentation must include speaker notes at the bottom of each slide in the notes section. (Recall that your slides should contain 5 words and a picture on each slide. All the other words you want to put on the slides go on the notes pages.)

Add appropriate artwork and backgrounds to make the slides visually appealing to a professional audience of investors. For example, although I prefer brightly colored backgrounds, I would not use those colors with this type of presentation audience unless your business is in an appropriately creative industry. For instance, if you want to open a modern art museum, it is acceptable to have artistic slides. On the other hand, if you are looking for funding for an online company that sells medical devices, you would want to remain “business professional.”