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business magazine article about a specific business or corporation

Find a recent online newspaper or business magazine article about a specific business or corporation (published in 2020 or 2022) related to this chapter and write an 8- 10-sentence response tying the article to at least one key concept in the chapter. Make sure to

  1. include a link to the article at the end of your response.
  2. specify the concept or key term you are linking with the article and provide its quoted definition or meaning as stated in the textbook along with the page or section number.

Where to get news information

  • Acceptable news sources: Business Week, CNN, CNBC, NY Times, NY Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Politico, Fox News, CBS, NBC.
  • Types of not acceptable news sources: law firm websites, law newsletters, blogs, law journals, law reviews, educational journals. We are doing current events about a specific business. Do not use cited case law or any type of law or educational review site or publication. If it says “.org, .edu, supra in its Html, then it’s probably not an acceptable news source.
  • Below is an example of what I’m looking for.
  • TEXTBOOK USED – Roger LeRoy Miller Business Law Today, Standard Edition 12th Edition