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Business ethics writing paper

This exercise will allow you to approach Business Ethics in a different way.  You will learn to adapt your prose style for a new genre and audience, making choices based on your awareness of the intended reader and the conventions of the genre.  We will look at fables because fables are short stories with a “moral” about living the “good life.”  Because they are short, fables are designed to get to the core of an ethical problem in few words.  Because they employ a great deal of symbolism, they are an excellent source for developing critical thinking and moral imagination for anyone – regardless of level of formal education.

One group we have discussed in this class is poor, semi-literate people in third world nations.  This population, as we have seen, faces many challenges, precisely because of their low levels of literacy and formal education.

You have been employed by a microlending company to travel to Country X (you can make up a name) and teach a group of new business “entrepreneurs” Business Ethics.  For the first day of class you will be focusing on one particular Business Ethics lesson that you think will be very important to the success not only of the individual new entrepreneur, but also of the larger community.  You will do the following:

  1. Choose a traditional fable from any country or culture.  Photocopy the fable.  Annotate it thoroughly.  You will include it at the end of your paper.
  2. Write your own, modern, version of the fable you have chosen.Your version should be a little bit longer than the original – perhaps a page or two.  Include images with your version. The modern fable you write has to be in very simple English as you are targeting people who have no education.
  3. Write a thorough analysis and explanation of the lesson you are teaching.Ground your lesson in a particular ethical framework that we have discussed in class.  Be sure to cite from the text or texts you are referencing. THE ETHICAL FRAMEWORK YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE ON IS ‘CARE AS ETHICAL PERSPECTIVE by Rita Manning’ on page 35 of the book attached below. (2 -3 pages.)
  4. Write an analysis of how you made choices about the content and language to make your story both interesting and educational for your particular audience.In order to do that you must first describe your audience specifically. (1 – 2 pages) For example:

Who are they? Are they male, female, or both? What education level do they have? What is their socioeconomic status? What are their religious beliefs? What cultural aspects do you have to keep in mind?

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The entire task is already completed, I just need some editing and additions.