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Assignment Guidelines

  • Audience: customers or consumers of your real or imagined business.
  • Purpose: To implement effective page and design principles for intended audiences.
  • Format/Genre: A business card (front and back) or an infographic; and a memo report (similar to previous ones you may have developed¬† for this course) addressed to your instructor, and includes analysis and rationale for one’s design choices according to CRAP.
  • Tone: Professional and persuasive.
  • Length: If you choose to create a business card, you will submit a front and back side to the card. If you create an infographic,¬† you will submit a poster-like graphic. All students will submit at least a page-long memo report that provides analysis and rationale for using the design principles covered in this module.
Submission Checklist
PDF files that include images of the back and front sides of your business card,
Or, PDF file of an infographic poster that advertises a generic product of your choice. An infographic poster will require other design elements than a business card, but you only need to submit only one side.
A Memo Letter that describes how you have used Williams’ design principles in your visual product. You can address the letter to me, your instructor.