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Business and Management

The essay is a 2 page current events essay on HR. I’ve pasted the rubric below:

Current Events Essay: Students will select a current article related to any HR concepts of interest to them. Students are encouraged to research news on industries, companies, and job positions for which they wish to work in the future.  Each paper will help you gain further insight about a concept of HR and see it in the real world. Current Event essays are worth 50 points each. To ensure the maximum award of points for these assignments, current event essays should:
• Summarize a current article (within 1 year from a reputable source) that relates to HR and properly cite it (APA format)
• Explain how the article relates to or differs from HR practices, the textbook, lecture, exercises, etc.
• Explain how the article is relevant to you, your own experiences, your personal insights, agreement/disagreement, etc.
• Contain logical and useful organization of ideas. Display correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, which includes the use of complete sentences,
• Use a minimum of 500 words