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Benefits of Email

First you should research this organization., and more focus on the  with in the organization

you are going to write one page email that identify the purpose of this interview ( for homework case study), and you should conduct your primary research on the organization and the interview.

I upload the PDF for the entire assignment you only need to write the email

The question must contain the following :

What are some of the benefits of running such a program for the organization and for the community? How is the response to your online programs during the pandemic?

What are some of the challenges in running such a program, especially online?

What is the community or populations served through this program? How many participants do they serve every year?

How is the interviewee dealing with the pandemic to consider the mental health for participants?

What have been some of their outreach strategies while working online? How many participants do they have per session? Did the numbers change to adapt to an online model?

What are your own reflections on the program? What do you think works? What doesn’t? What was most intriguing about this program and why did you decide to study it more in- depth? You can include your own reflection on the current pandemic and thoughts on online formats for art education.