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Being a True and Dedicated Colleague: Guided Formal Peer Review of Argument Research Essay Drafts

Initial Post Instructions

To that end, this week in our discussion area, we will be sharing our full argument research essay drafts in a class peer review. In order to make this process run smoothly, please be sure to follow these instructions:

  • This may be the draft you submitted to your instructor in Week 5, or you may have made changes since then and will wish to post your most updated copy (remember the “good” to “great” portion of the Lesson!)
  • In your post, also compose a good paragraph offering information about your draft in which you address at least three of your major revision goals. Do not list mechanical items like grammar and APA because it is a given that you’ll edit and proofread for those items. Instead, note at least three content-related goals, such as stronger support for one point, connecting sources to your logic more powerfully, and unifying your points to align well with your thesis. These are just examples; please write a paragraph that notes your own goals and explains the “why” and “how” of those. Be sure to ask your professor if you have any questions about the peer review process.
  • See attachment for my essay
Peer Review (Follow-Up Post) Instructions
  • read their attached essay and any notes they left to accompany the draft.
  • Download the Peer Review Sheet and complete the form.
  • Return your completed Peer Review Sheet as an attachment in a response post to your peer. Peer reviews must be completed and posted as a reply to your classmate no later than Friday night. The reason your peer review is due earlier in the week than other discussion replies is that your classmate must have enough time to utilize your feedback.
Required Peer Review Sheet
Week 6 Peer Review Worksheet Use the table below as you conduct the Week 6 Peer Review. Your grade for this discussion will be derived from your work on the peer review you perform. You may not begin performing your peer review until you have made your own main post (your draft and your goals). Once you have completed the peer review, reply to your classmate’s main posts by attaching this completed peer review sheet, along with any comments you would like to make.
Element Comments or Suggestions for Improvement Please compose at least three full sentences for each element (many elements will likely be longer once you begin explaining and offering feedback). Be specific, adding examples and suggestions where needed.Structure and Unity: Is the thesis statement narrow and clearly arguable? Do the points in the body and the content of the conclusion clearly support the thesis statement? Please be specific and offer reasons, suggestions and examples. Organization: Look at the ordering of body paragraphs and at the ordering of sentences within the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Is everything arranged in the most effective order for you, as a reader? Please be specific and offer suggestions, reasons, and examples. Voice: Is the writer’s voice the driving force of the essay? Is each paragraph written with the writer’s voice from the first to the last sentence? Is the writer using voice to connect and explain the evidence used? Could the writer do more to expand on the evidence, to argue for the value or meaning of the evidence? Please be specific and offer suggestions, reasons, and examples. Flow: Does each sentence flow smoothly from one to the next for the reader? Does each paragraph? As the reader, do you feel guided by the writer’s
words? Do you sense any missing connective elements that would make the essay more reader-friendly? Please be specific and offer suggestions, reasons, and examples. Introduction and Conclusion: Has the writer employed the most effective methods for writing this introduction and conclusion? Consider the techniques we have studied, pointing out what works well and why and what could be done better and why/how. Please be specific and offer suggestions, reasons, and examples. Source Use: Do the sources work well to support the points in which they are used? Run a quick source evaluation, using the CRAAP test. Then, are sources integrated smoothly, and does the writer make the connections between the sources and the writer’s arguments clearly? Please be specific and offer suggestions, reasons, and examples. Argument Technique: Comment on the effectiveness of the argument techniques you see in the essay, such as logos, ethos, pathos, kairos, and elements of the Toulmin model. Also, comment on any logical fallacies you see. Finally, comment on the argument genres you notice and on how well the writer has employed those. Please be specific and offer suggestions, reasons, and examples. Please note any errors in grammar, spelling, APA document format, APA in-text citation, and APA Referencing. Do you have any other suggestions for improving this paper?