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This article is about a theory of autism called The Double Empathy Problem. It was developed in the UK by an autistic researcher named Dr. Damian Milton. This article is not experimental, it is a theoretical model on how traditional understandings of autism may harm autistic individuals developmental potential.

Shortly stated, the double empathy problem suggests that when people with very different experiences of the world interact with one another, they will struggle to empathize with each other. This is likely to be exacerbated through differences in language use and comprehension.

Recent experiments have found that in experimental conditions, non-autistic people struggled to read the emotions of autistic participants, or form negative first impressions of autistic people According to Dr. Milton, such evidence suggests that the dominant psychological theories of autism are partial explanations at best (e.g., theory of mind).


Start by defining the double empathy problem then engage in any of the following

How does it differ from the medical model? How are autistic people (mis)perceived by neurotypical people? How does being misperceived impact development? How does it harm mental health specifically? What are solutions? Feel free to expand on these questions.


If you are having trouble understanding the theory