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  • submit a brief reaction paper to the readings and/or class topic for that week by noon Tuesday. These should be one full page (without a header, title, other space-eating details) that offer your reflection and reactions to the substance of the reading. They are not meant to be reading summaries.  I know what the readings say, I don’t need you to rearticulate the main points to me.  The goal is to demonstrate you read the material and spent time reflecting on it.  They should embody your short, scholarly response to the reading or course concepts for that upcoming week.  These are individual assignments. Do not work with classmates in crafting your reflection. There are no makeups and late responses will count as a zero. Each reflection is worth 20 points.
  • Consider these questions as you craft your responses: Are there particular details that struck you? Did it remind you of a personal experience or other course concept we’ve discussed? Why? Which points were the most effective or resonant? Did it evoke any particular emotions? Why do you think so? Did it change your perspective? Did you learn something new by reading it? Do you have any takeaways that you will share with your peers?
Two reading sources: Sharkey Chapter 8 (file attached) and THE CASE FOR REPARATIONS (link: