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Assignment on Sales

All That Glitter Jewelry is considering an expansion of the company website to sell more merchandise. Wanda Delana, US Sales Director, has asked you to complete the proposal. To complete this assignment you will need the following files:



You will save your files as:

Lastname_Firstname_ Web_Sales_Chart


  1. Open the provided file, Web_Sales_Chart file, and then save the Excel workbook as Lastname_Firstname_ Web_Sales_Chart. Complete the Excel worksheet
  2. Insert totals in row 10,
  3. Merge and center the titles
  4. Format data for aesthetics
  5. Create a 3-D clustered column chart to display the quarterly low end sales, expected sales, and high end sales on a separate sheet with an appropriate sheet name
  6. Modify the chart style and format appropriate chart elements
  7. Insert the file name in the footer and add appropriate document properties
  8. Open the provided file, Web_Sales_Proposal file, and then save the Word document as Lastname_Firstname_Web_Sales_Proposal
  9. In the Word document include the linked Excel data and chart
  10. Insert the your name in the footer