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Assignments 2, 3 and 4 are all part of your major project, worth a combined 50% of your course grade. We have broken up the project to allow you the opportunity to improve your final mark by making corrections based on feedback you will receive from assignment 2 and 3.



Part 1: Operations Plan


  • Space And Equipment
  • Floor Plan
  • Logistics
  • Methods And Procedures
  • Systems
  • Organization
  • Regulation


Part 2: Finances


  • Owner(s)’ Investment
  • Borrowed Money
  • Sales Income By Month
  • Sources Of Data
  • Business Plan Sheets


This individual assignment is worth 10% of your overall grade for this course and is an important stepping stone in the completion of your major project.

You will have two documents to submit. Part 1 should be a WORD document and part 2 should be an EXCEL spreadsheet. Please save your documents as LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_IHMN440_ASSIGNMENT 3.DOCX and LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_IHMN440_ASSIGNMENT 3.XLSX and upload to the Moodle site by 11:59 pm Monday February 28, 2022.

Assignment Format

Use APA guidelines.  Part 1 of your assignment should be 4-5 pages plus the cover page, part 2 should be one Excel workbook with a separate tab for each financial document.

  • Cover Page
    • Your name, document title, date, course number, Instructor