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Please be simple and concise.


Write a short story that is 400 to 500 words that incorporates a topic you have learned so far in business law. Then, you will write a 150-200 word response to how a BC court would resolve the conflict you have created.

Your story needs to meet the regular parameters of a story. In other words, there needs to be characters, conflict, and a resolution. A nice summary of the elements of a story can be foundĀ here.

The characters in your story should have a conflict involving one (or more) of the following topics:

  • Negligence (or any of the individual elements, including Duty of Care)
  • Formation of a contract (Consensus, Capacity to make a contract, Consideration, Legality, or Intention)
  • Unenforceable contracts (privity of contract, exclusion clauses, unconscionability or duress)
  • Sale of Goods Act (merchantable quality)
  • Consumer protection (unique parts of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and Consumer BC)

A good example of what a short story might look like is the one in assignment 4, question 3 (involving Macy and her snowmobile – just keep in mind your word requirements!).

After writing your story, you should write a 150-200 word response to how you think a court would resolve the conflict in the story. Guiding questions which may help you write this is: what is the relevant law in the area? Who wronged who? How does the law in the area apply to the story? What is the remedy?

The marking rubric for this midterm can be found in the assignment submission folder.