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Assignment 1: Article Review [20 MARKS]
CLO 2: Discuss individual methods and theories of communication, motivation and
commitment, conflict management at both the individual and group level, and the
effect on both internal and external stakeholders.
Individual Task
Submission: Google Classroom
Due Date: Week 11
1. Students work individually.
2. Students are required to choose any journal article related to stakeholder management. The
journal article must be based on the input related to motivation and commitment, conflict
management and the effect on stakeholders.
3. Students are required to get prior approval for the journal article chosen.
4. It is essential to understand the main points and arguments of the article for accuracy during
● 3-4 pages
● double-spacing
● Times New Roman
● font 12
● Title page
● Title
● Your name
● Date
● Abstract: It should contain approximately 200 to 300 words. It includes a summary of
the review question, the primary study reviewed and conclusions of the study. Note that
you should not cite references in the abstract.
● Introduction: Write the topic of the study, which serves as the identification sentence. It
should indicate what the article contains. Clearly outline the order in which every
sub-topic will be discussed to give the reader background information needed to
understand the sections in the article.
● Body: This includes the subtopics that you are addressing.
● Conclusion: It should briefly state your rationale for your review and the purpose of the
● Literature cited: Use a standardized reference system. Use APA style.
Students may refer to the following links to see sample formats:
Grading/Evaluation Criteria – (20 marks)*
● Content of Review (12 marks)
● Reflection (12 marks)
● Organization & Development of Ideas (8 marks)
● Mechanics (8 marks)
*A total of 40 marks to be converted to 20%.