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I need a identification of an art work of your choice for each of the time periods shown below, and a paragraph written in first person from the perspective of the artwork, stating why you are so relevant in history, For example: I was commissioned by; I am a painting, sculpture, architecture, etc.; I was located; I functioned as; my purpose was; and the message I conveyed to the viewer. For each of the time periods there should be a picture showing the art work, the identification and a 200-250 word paragraph in first person.

Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, and Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Aegean, Ancient Greek, Roman, and Late Antiquity (Early Christian and Jewish), Byzantine, Early Medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic, Early Renaissance in Italy, Early Renaissance in the North; Renaissance in the North; and High Renaissance and Mannerism.

does not have to be written in the most professionnal way possible, as long as it completes the assignament.