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Argumentative Essay Assignment

Directions: Write a 5-paragraph argumentative essay on one of the topics below (*note you can also choose your own but follow requirements below). In total, this essay will have an introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Your work will be assessed on both essay structure and power of support. While this piece does not require any outside sources, make sure your reasoning is logical and sound. If you choose to include outside sources, make sure they come from credible publications and unbiased news.

Required:  Be sure to LABEL the components listed below (please label them in bold) – list continues onto next page.


  1. Attention catcher
  2. Background
  3. Thesis

Body (use these labels for EACH of you three body paragraphs)

  1. Topic Sentence
  2. Elaboration
  3. Support 1 (with elaboration)
  4. Support 2 (with elaboration)


  1. Restate main idea
  2. Restate points (limit to one sentence – 2 max)
  3. Final thought (moral of the story)


Essay is in support of decriminalizing drugs.

  Some countries have experimented with decriminalizing all drugs in order to control the negative elements of violence and addiction among their citizens. Note: decriminalization is not legalization. Decriminalization can vary from country to country. However, most decriminalization policies allow drug users a maximum two-week supply of a drug, which can be for personal usage in private and never sold to another user. If users abuse these policies (generally by recklessly abusing drugs in public), drugs are generally confiscated and/or the user is fined, but there is no prison sentence or severe blemish to one’s record (again, as long as the user only possesses a small supply and keeps it to themselves).  Some argue that this deconstructs the criminal element of the drug trade, while also curbing desperate measures to find drugs.  Also, individuals’ records are not tarnished from minor drug offenses.  However, the downside is that more individuals may acquire unchecked addictions without the fear of serious consequences. Also, it may become easier to hide from the law, as enforcers may be less invested in drug related activity. Should drugs be de-criminalized in the United States?  This means that while law enforcement still maintains some control over usage, individuals who maintain only personal amounts for private use will only be mildly affected, if affected at all.