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Write an original, well-reasoned essay in which you present a controversial argument and support that argument with evidence.  Possible topics include the following; however, you are not limited to these three:

  • Football has come under fire for causing brain damage in players, and doctors have expressed concerns that even children and young adults who play football in school are at risk. Do some research into concussions caused by sports and write a paper arguing for or against dramatic changes in youth athletics. (408)
  • Research the various approaches that colleges and universities have taken to the subject(s) of trigger warnings and/or micro-aggressions. Write an argumentative essay in which you take a position concerning appropriate ways to handle student concerns pertaining to these subjects. (425)
  • Who, if anyone, should be responsible for policing Facebook and Google in order to prevent them from obtaining too much personal information and/or from using that information to influence the personal and/or political decisions of citizens and/or consumers?

Include at least three college-appropriate sources, at least two of which should come from an academic database.  Encyclopedias,, and are not college-appropriate sources.  Use MLA format (double-space, Times New Roman, etc).

  • Make sure your thesis is clearly presented in your first paragraph, and is specific and focused enough to be addressed in a paper of this length.
  • Organize your thesis with an introduction and conclusion, and paragraphs with topic sentences.
  • Avoid faulty reasoning in your essay per the logical fallacies in your textbook.