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Background info:
•We have seen  that the US is currently:
   negotiating major trade agreements:
•Transpacific Partnership
•US + EU trade agreement
•There are exceptions
 to free trade
•There is the highly protective US sugar policy
•This is a policy which protects a specific group
•This is a policy which has burdened:
•Specific industries
•With high costs !

Essay need to discuss: 

1. Is the US sugar policy justified ?
•Is the US sugar policy justified ?
•Is the US sugar policy reconcilable with free trade support ?
•In your view are we:
•Significantly distorting free markets
•Damaging  emerging market sugar producers ?
2. General Issue
•Is the granting of exceptions to free markets

acceptable? If so why ?

•Should these be permanent ?
•Should these be temporary  ?
•Is there such an industry which is in a state of
permanent infancy ?

Structure of the paper

•Section 1 –  70 % of paper
•Start with a presentation of the US sugar policy
•Continue with a discussion of the + and – points of the US sugar policy
•Conclusion with regard to the US sugar policy
•Section 2 – 30 % of paper
•Discuss the general issue
•Conclusion with regard to the general issue