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In this assignment, you will create an infographic that expresses a plan to challenge a type of oppression in the workplace.

First, identify a type of oppression you would like to explore. You may choose from nationalism, racism, ethnocentrism, sexism, genderism, intersexism, and heterosexism.

Include the following in your infographic:

  • A title featuring the type of oppression you have selected (e.g., “Challenging Sexism in the Workplace”)
  • Your name and college
  • 3 or more ways in which this type of oppression manifests itself in the workplace using specific examples
  • 1 or more major historical or current issues related to this type of oppression (may include relevant examples reported via news media, court cases, and/or legislation)
  • 3 or more ways to recognize privilege and limit this type of oppression in the workplace (supported with research, facts, data, and/or policies)
  • APA-formatted in-text citations and references for 2 or more scholarly or professional sources

Besides including all 6 required components listed above, you will also need to design a neat, professional, and visually engaging infographic.