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The essay can be about anything, but it should have the Annotated bibliography also.

Prewriting: Annotated Bibliography

  1. Complete a rough draft of your essay and post it as a PDF file to this discussion board. Try to post this by Thursday so your peers will have time to read and respond to your essay.
  2. Read at least two of your classmates’ essays and  provide constructive criticism, answering the questions below and offering at least three helpful comments. If you see that a number of responses have been given to a particular essay, try to choose someone else’s so everyone benefits from peer review.


  1. Does the essay’s opening introduce the topic and capture the reader’s interest? Is the thesis strong, specific, and clear? How could the introduction and thesis be strengthened?
  2. What is the writer’s purpose? What are they informing you about and what angle are they taking to provide you with this information?
  3. Does the author meet all of the requirements for this essay? Do they meet the word count?
  4. What sources does the writer use? Does the writer effectively use their research to support the thesis? How could they improve?
  5. Does the writer use correct citation for all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries? Do they indicate the author and page number (if available) in the parentheses. Do they have a Works Cited page that includes all sources?