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  1. Analyze your plans for current levels of Rigor and Relevance. State your current planning level(s) based on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy of verbs and assessment level(s) based on Webb’s DOK. Identify (asterisk, circle, highlight, etc.) and briefly describe an area in your plans where you will increase the Rigor and/or Relevance.
  1. Implement and submit your plan for increasing Rigor and/or Relevance. State your subject, grade level, objective, activity and assessment.
  2.  Write a reflection on the results. What did you do? Did it work?  Do you need to make adjustments for future implementation?  Would you use it again? Why or Why not?


NOTE:  Your plans will only need to reflect an adjustment for Rigor/Relevance in only one area, not every aspect of your plans. Decide where in your plans would a change be most impactful for your students’ long-term academic growth