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Analyze the (potential) future of rhetoric in our electronic age.

Compose an original research paper (five to seven pages) on the following topic:

Analyze the (potential) future of rhetoric in our electronic age. Look at major theorists and movements to see how they have expanded our current understanding of rhetoric. You might take a closer look at concepts such as deconstruction or the rhetoric of display insofar as they influence our post-modern discourse and political process. You might note how rhetoric has substantially changed since the classical age, and incorporate a discussion of Cicero’s model as it has been adapted to digital methods of delivery.

To support your observations, you must include at least four references. You may use the required texts for the course, the supplemental articles and speeches, or any other source that supports your analysis.

For further understanding of contemporary rhetorical theory, and to help prepare for the final paper, you might review the supplemental reading assignments and speeches, to include the following:

Digital Rhetoric: Toward an Integrated Theory (Links to an external site.) Zappen, J. P. (2005) from the Technical Communication Quarterly (Hunt Library)

Recovering Delivery for Digital Rhetoric and Human-Computer Interaction (Links to an external site.) Porter, J.E. (2008) from Science Direct (Hunt Library)

Digital rhetoric: Theory, method, practice, (Links to an external site.) (Ch. 2). Eyeman, D. (2015) from ProQuest through the Hunt Library

The fate of rhetoric in an electronic age. (Links to an external site.) Enculturation, 1(1). Brooke, C. G. (1997, Spring).

Should you have any questions regarding the parameters of this paper, contact me for clarification.