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Locate an article on Blacks in Europe, not older than 30 days, that focuses on issues such as the environment/climate, culinary arts, economics, literature, visual or performing arts, culture, media, history, health/disease, law/criminal justice, women, children/youth, politics or education.

  1. After reading the article, provide a 300-500 word analysis which includes:
  • A synopsis of the article (who, what, when, where, why)
  • Why you chose the article – a substantive reason (not because “I liked it” or it “attracted” you)
  • The article’s relevance to the course – be very specific (site readings/films)Incorporate what you have learned in the course, thus far, into your article analysis.
  • Your opinion on the issue
  • Why ‘we’ should care – a reason other than we are human, or we are moral, or we should knowWhat would happen to the country, region, or world if this situation was not addressed or not promoted?
  • Region or global implications related to the issue discussed

As with all of your writing submissions, pay attention to your grammar and re-read to ensure that your argument is well articulated. You will lose points for using contractions and other obvious grammatical errors.

Please see the attached link for the web article.