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Paper meets length and formatting requirements

5 pages, double spaced, 1″ margins, numbered pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, etc.
20 pts
Spelling, Grammar, and Organization

Spelling and grammar mistakes are minimal and paper follows the organization designated on the assignment sheet.
15 pts
Introduction & Conclusion

There is an introductory section in which following sections of paper are described and topics are discussed There is a concluding section that sums up themes of paper
15 pts
Informant and Interview description

Describe your informant’s background for context. Who is he or she? What is their sport or relevant substitute, their age, where do they live or lived? How do you know them? And summarize your interview generally. Sprinkle in examples of some your questions and your informant’s answers in quotes. Paraphrase other questions and answers in this summary,
20 pts

From your readings in the text and the Baseball article consider what you have learned about ritual in this interview. Apply your knowledge of Skinner and Malinowski’s theories about ritual. How would B.F. Skinner explain your informant’s actions? What would Malinowski say? Did you see evidence of mythology, worldview, and rites of passage? As a budding anthropologist how do you explain the magic and ritual you encountered?
30 pts
Total Points: 100
Thank you for doing this you are saving me! i have uploaded pictures of both Chapter 13 and Chapter 21 as well as the  baseball magic paper and a previous students paper advice, there must be a full 5 pages, double spaced and the 6th    page having the baseball magic paper cited along with the book, which is anthropolgy appreciating human diversity       conrad phillip kottak eighteenth edition!