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analyse the start-up and development of a venture
Your  task in this assessment is to analyse the start-up and development of a venture. This task requires you to conduct preliminary research on an existing venture using secondary sources. Analyse your chosen individual and their venture. In your analysis, draw on concepts and theories to consider the characteristics of your selected business owner and the emergence of his/her business idea. Reach a conclusion about whether this person is an entrepreneur and, if so, which type of entrepreneur they are (e.g. business, social, etc.) This choice should be made based on evidence and justified in your response. Comment on the ethical and social impacts of your chosen venture on a global scale.
-Making use of atleast 6 peer-reviewed sources, critically discuss the ways in which the business owner you researched is, or is not, an entrepreneur. Draw on concepts and theories to analyse the characteristics of your chosen business owner and the entrepreneurial journey. Consider the type of entrepreneurship this person practices, as well as the ethical and societal impacts their actions have had on a global scale.
-Please do not write in the first person.
-The Entrepreneur i have chosen for this task is LARRY PAGE and his venture ‘Google