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The first step would be to 1) gather together and read all the relevant published papers/information you can find from your litsearch on the topic, then 2) create an outline of your review paper and then 3) start working on your written review paper (final version to be completed by May 10). Once you have an initial PubMed litsearch done and have found papers relevant to the topic, than you can add them as your sources.

THIS IS A REVIEW PAPER IN WHICH ;The review paper will be based on researching the published literature on databases including PubMed, reading relevant papers, and synthesizing that information into a review paper on the topic.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Plagiarism will be checked so please dont do it. Please be careful about APA 7th edition- not 6th.
This essay’s / review papers subject is biology+psychology and neuroscience.
I uploaded the research paper, you are going to write a review paper for this research paper. I hope it is clear.