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**Be able to explain when the event occurred, who were the main players (people & units) and why this event was significant.  Also provide examplesDue 222000MAR21.  Return aAs a Word Doc With the Following Title: Last Name_AMH 3033 Mid Term


  1. To what degree is the American Army a European Army? (5pts)


  1. What principles of War did Washington use in the attack on Trenton?  Did he make good use of these principles?  What were the dangers or risks he assumed? (5pts)


  1. What foreign assistance did the Continental Army receive in 1777-1778? (Be specific).  What was the outcome? (5pts)
  2. What was Francis Marion’s contribution to the Revolution in the “South”?  What was his nickname? (5pts)






  1. What was the job of the Army in the period after the Revolution and before the War of 1812?  Cite examples as the country expanded? (5pts)




  1. What Advantages did the United States have during the War of 1812, it didn’t have during the revolution?  (5pts)








  1. Who were the main forces at the battle of New Orleans?  What where the key principles of war utilized? (5pts)



  1. What advances were made in artillery, which was particularly effective in the War with Mexico? (5pts)



  1. Discuss the Strengths and weaknesses of Generals Scott and Taylor. Under whom would you rather serve and why? (5pts)
  2. hat was the Anaconda Plan? Who devised it? Compare this plan to the strategy that closed the Civil War. (5pts)


  1. General “Stonewall” Jackson’s Shenandoah Valley Campaign (1862) is considered the most brilliant operation of the Civil War. What 3 principles of war did he employ? Provide examples for each you point out. (5pts)


  1. What was the outcome of the siege at Vicksburg in July 1863? What advantage did it provide to the victor? What Combined Arms efforts were used by the Union forces? (5pts)


  1. Explain what tactic William Sherman used on his march from Atlanta to Savannah in early 1864? Discuss principles of war emphasized.  What was its significance? (5pts)


  1. Who was Elihu Root and what were his reforms? Cite two examples and describe impact. (5pts)



  1. t principles of War did Custer hope to achieve while maneuvering on the encampments near the Little Big Horn River? How many times did he divide his command? (5pts)


  1. What and when was the “Punitive Expedition”? Who led it and why? What was gained from it? (5pts)


  1. Long Answer Question: When was the Philippine-American War? What were the lessons learned from this conflict? What was the key to victory? What similarities can be compared between that war and some of the recent conflicts the United States has been involved in? (20pts) Instructions: Write three paragraphs.  1) Describe circumstances of war. 2) Discuss tactics employed by both forces, and how those tactics changed. 3) Discuss a more recent conflict in the War on Terror and how it is similar.