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 Air pollution in Astoria, New York 
Main focus: Ravenswood generating station

1.Explain issue, background – the how and why.Current situation — what

is or isn’t happening.
2.Examine the issue and its ramification from every possible angle, who
are the various actors/participants, what are possible solutions,
legislature, impacts to the to the local community, health, air, water, soil,
wildlife and the overall environment. Think about the relationships,
connecting the dots from one aspect to another within our ecological
Include the impacts of COVID-19 to your issue, if any-Many laws have
changed, be sure that what you refer to is current.
3.CONCLUSION: Advocacy /action suggestions and nature-based
solutions on multiple levels (from state/federal to individual residents).
Are there local groups working on this issue? Please be as specific as
Think of this like a tree – the topic is the main tree trunk and all the history,
issues,possible solutions are the roots and branches. Minimum 5 pages, not
including bibliography, photos. Do not use a cover sheet, please number your
Use APA style citations. Minimum 5 references, should have alot more.