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1Semester-ending final written assignment is a literature review (paper) related to your research topic/question(s) (Reference: Text Ch1, Figure 1-1 Outline of Scientific Process).
2. Towards that end you need to develop a problem statement that led to the research question(s)/hypotheses (Reference: Textbook chapter 1 Figure 1-1).
3. The final literature review paper will be directed towards finding a solution to your study question(s).
4. However, preceding the final paper you are required to submit your draft research topic/research questions/problem statement effort for credit/grade. Guidelines follow.
B. Guidelines/format/rubric for submitting draft research topic/research questions/problem statement.
1. Title Page: Study Topic/Title, your name, course name, semester, date, etc
2. Page 2: List/state your research question(s)/hypotheses (Half-page or less)
3. Page 3-6: Develop ‘Problem Statement’ that led to your study topic/questions above in (1) and (2) (Reference: Chapter 3)
    (i) Recommendation: Format/narrate using text chapter 3 frameworks (e.g., apply Ch 3: Box 3-1, Box3-2, related process dilineated in Chapter 3)
    (ii) Weave thru narrative any supporting literature review (that helped develop problem statement, find gaps, etc to develop research topic/title/question(s)/hypotheses)
         (Hint: Specify keywrods, databases searched; See text chapter 4 on Literature Review)
4. Submit draft (Recommendation: Go for quality not quantity; the writing project must explicitly reflect application of textbook tools/approach in chapters 1, 2,& 4)
5. Pay attention to grammer, flow, and formatting (e.g., subtitles, narrative, references, etc)
6. Avoid plagiarism, paraphrase cited references into narrative; you must appropriatly cite supporting literature and include a reference list.
7. Upload document in microsoft Word or pdf (Documents using ‘Pages’ will not be accepted as the format is incompatible with Bb)
C. Due Date: Thursday April 7, 2022, 11:59 pm
D. Additional Note: This ‘Draft’ submission will be the basis for your Final (expanded) literature review paper (guidelines to follow)
Some of the paper is done, just needs rewriting and finishing